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Getting on Air with Your DMR Radio v2.0 (Updated: 2022 Jan)

A while ago, back in April 2021 we did publish our first edition of “Getting on Air with Your DMR Radio”. Since then, we introduced two more DMR-radios, the GD-AT10G handheld and the DB-25D mobile. As we noticed that both radios are often bought by ham operators new to DMR, our engineers updated the existing document to include references for those new radios.

The 43-page document starts with the very basics, such as how to apply for a DMR ID and continues with chapters on gathering information about the DMR station(s) you want to operate up to the point where it guides you on how to create your own, working codeplug (that´s the settings file for your DMR radio).

What can you learn from this document?
1. Intention of this document
2. Make yourself familiar with DMR
3. Apply for and receive your DMR ID
4. Gather information about a DMR station
5. Install any USB-driver that might be required
6. Install CPS according to your DMR-capable radio
7. General process of creating a DMR code plug from scratch
8. Sample codeplugs

You want the easy way? Get your copy of the document, together with sample codeplugs for Radioddity GD-73, GD-77, RD-5R, GD-AT10G, DB-25D as well as Baofeng DM-1701 and TYT MD-9600 > CLICK HERE <


  • Jackson

    Hi Michael, we checked and confirmed the link works

    Please contact for further assistance if need anything.

  • Klaus

    Besides the mentioned documents, there is also a document on normal analog programming. Although that is targeted primarily at the Radioddity HTs I think it is as well quite universal for other radios and their analog programming. You find the document here:

  • Michael Stephenson

    your second file does not seem to work even though I downloaded a rar file reader what do you suggest….. My email is

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