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How to Customize Power-on Picture for Radioddity GC-5

The GC-5 has the ability to load a Power-On picture. You can load your own to make a customized one by following the following guidance. If you like the Radioddity official images, we did provide some in the latest CPS package. CLICK HERE to download.

In this holiday season, we specially provide you with more official power-on images choice to customize your radio. CLICK HERE to download to make your own Christmas theme GC-5!


1. Open Paint, or your favorite Pic editor
2. Load Picture
3. Select Resize
4. Uncheck Maintain aspect ratio
5. Select Pixels - 160 Horizontal and 128 Vertical

6. Click OK

7. Save the resized picture as BMP format.


Customize Your Powe-On Picture

1. Open CPS and select Tools

2. Select Power On Picture

3. Select Com Port, Open Image, then Import Picture

4. Picture loading to Radio

5. When the import is completed, power the radio Off, then back On

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