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[2021] Free Radio for Your Friends


Last year we held a "Free Radio for Your Friend" giveaway to invite our customers to tell us why their friends should get a free Radioddity radio. Many customers participated in the event and shared a lot of touching stories with us. So this year we are bringing back this event for our 9th-anniversary celebration!

Do your family members need license-free radios to communicate when going outside? Are there any of your friends that you want to help get into the world of ham radio? Does any of your experienced ham neighbors plan to step into the DMR world? He/she may be stopped by a limited budget or just needs a chance to learn more about it.

Now it's the time! Submit your application with an introduction as well as a reason why your friend should win a FREE radio, we will pick 15 lucky winners at random to send a FREE Radioddity radio or a gift card.

Q: What and how many radios will be sent out?
A: 15 different radios/gift cards will be sent to the winners.
① For people who love outdoor activities, we recommend Raddy RW3 Emergency Radio.
② For people who are interested in two-way radios while not having a license yet, Radioddity FS-T2/PR-T2 is a good choice
③ For people who have a GMRS license, Radioddity GM-30 should be perfect.
④ For a ham who prefer analog radios, Baofeng GT-5 would be suitable
⑤ For a ham who intent to learn more about digital radios, Radioddioy RD-5R is an ideal start
⑥ For a friend you have no idea what to send, Radioddity 9th Anniversary $20 Gift Card would be great.

Q: When will this giveaway end and when will the result be announced?
A: The giveaway ends on August 16th, the result will be announced on August 17th.

Q: Do I need to do anything else?
A: It would be much appreciated if you can say something or leave a comment on our 9th Anniversary!

Q: Where can I submit the info?
A: Please check the form below ↓ (END)

Q: When will the winners get the prize?
A: We'll contact you soon to confirm the detailed shipping information. Please be patient.

Q: Who are the winners?
A: Come back on August 17 to check it out.

Q: What if I don't have the luck.
A: We appreciate your joining in this activity! Radioddity will send the 9th Anniversary $10 Gift Card to all of you (except for the winners)! The Gift Card will be sent in succession before August 18th.
August 18th will be the Radioddity 9th Anniversary Sale!



Prize - Baofeng GT-5 Dual Band Analog Radio

1. From Ken Minto J. to Brendan G


"Brendan is a great young man. He came from a tough household where arguing and physical fighting was the norm, yet he's as gentle as a stuffed bear. Brendan has gone above and beyond for his community by joining the volunteer firefighters. He started young, learning the ropes from guys old enough to be his grandfather. Brendan consistently reaches out to the elderly in his town to make sure they are set for groceries, electricity, rides to and from needed places, all the while learning a trade for himself, with no support from his immediate family. Brendan happens to be my future brother in law, and even though his schedule is full to the brim, he makes time to reach out to my young daughter. I suffer from multiple sclerosis as well as lupus, and a demyelinating disorder which is stripping the protective cover from my spine. I have non-cancerous tumors throughout my brain which make handling day to day aspects mostly impossible. Brendan has stepped up and helped my family through some very rough times. He has made sure constantly that my daughter is taken care of with food, clothing and whatever else she may need that we are unable to afford. If there is anyone in this world that is due some profound payback, it is him. Brendan is just 21 or 22, i always forget. But has helped and touched the lives of literally hundreds of people. So, even if Brendan is not chosen, i felt it absolutely necessary to let his story be known. Hes a proud American. A proud firefighter. A proud brother, and uncle. And I am lucky enough to get to call him my family.

So, with that said, I nominate Brendan Gilbert of Prospect, Ct. Volunteer fireman. Kind hearted man. Greatest uncle a little girl could hope for. And a stand up Man all around."

To Radioddity "You guys are amazing for offering this opportunity to people. The customer service that your company offers is second to none as far as radio suppliers go. I ak constantly giving out your website to people who see my radios and are intrigued by them! Keep on kicking those wavelengths!!!"

2. From Charles R A. to Rollin G.


"My Cousin Rollie lives in our hometown of Greensburg, Ky. He was a volunteer firefighter for many years. He carried, installed , and used many radios. After years of attending many car wrecks , fighting fires, and saving lives in the local community as an EMS he developed an auto immune problem with his legs. Once every 4 weeks a nurse comes to his house and gives him an IV treatment. With all the pain he endures he is a great husband, grandfather, and pillar of his community. I live in Woodstock ,Georgia and we decided it would be great to be able to talk from state to state. So I bought an Radioddity GS-5B and love it. He is getting his ticket soon and I think a Radioddity radio is a perfect fit for a great man like Rollie.
Charles R A.
SFC U.S. Army Retired."

To Radioddity "Happy Anniversary to Radioddity. I just got my new GS-5B in the past 4 months and it has been great. I'm new to ham and after much research I picked it due to it being an outdoor radio. I hope to try DMR next. Thanks again Radioddity . Keep the world talking. "

Prize - Radioddity RD-5R DMR

3. From Bradford B. to Doug M.

"Doug is a someone who is full of life. He is a husband, a father, a scout master, a juggler, a full time programmer, and my best friend.

Doug has sacrificed things in his life to help those around him, even me. He is never proud or boasting, he does it because 'it's the right thing to help your fellow man.'

As a Scoutmaster camping in the wilderness doesn't always have cell service. I feel like a DMR like the RD-5R would be a very powerful tool for good in his hands. His interest in emergency communications and his knowledge of first aid I feel could save a life one day.

Between having a disabled adult child as well as a highschool aged son in scouts and rowing not to mention the pandemic, things are very tight for him.

I know I could never pay him back for all he has done, but even Jeff Bezos could afford it. His friendship is priceless."

To Radioddity "Happy 9th anniversary! Let's make it another 99!"

4. From Chris W. to Daniel A


"Daniel has gotten me into the world of ham radio! He's been an valuable resource for all the questions I've had. "

Prize - Radioddity GM-30 GMRS Radio

5. From Matthew C. to Ed F.


"Look, he has the worlds most active 5yo son. We both have wooded lots big enough that you could lose a kid if you aren’t careful. A quality GMRS set of radios would allow our property and families to communicate when dealing with storms, maintenance, when the kids disappear from visual range, road trips, and just for simple giggles and fun.

If there ever was a case for the need of GMRS, it’s this guy and his four wheeler driving son."

To Radioddity "I’m glad that you are around to offer well priced, well rounded, quality radios!"

6. Fred F. to Fr. Mateusz R.

"Fr. Mateusz Rudzig is our Priest who is collaborating with me to establish an emergency communication system, and to get his Amateur Radio license. We are planning to include other Churches in town in this effort, but we are starting out small because of the high cost of the equipment. "Fr. Matt" as we call him has encouraged all of us to help each other in the coming bad times. He is a Star in the coming disasters that have been foretold, giving of his time to the point of exhaustion. I would love to buy a GMRS radio for him, but cannot afford to do at this time. We are applying for the GMRS license now, the radio would be a wonderful gift for him to keep in contact other equipped parishioners in case of troubles. Your gift would be a Godsend for all of us in St Vincent de Paul parish in Tallassee, AL 36078 as we are a poor town struggling with the COVID virus and have massive unemployment, families in need, and little to share out to all. Fr. Matt was there to give last rites to my fiancee as she struggled to survive the virus. She did, and I think the assurances and comfort he gave her to help her survive was a gift from God Himself ! Fr. Matt is younger than me, but more giving than any other Priest I have ever met."

To Radioddity "Happy Anniversary Radioddity! May our Creator smile upon your efforts for many years to come!"

7. From Stephen D. to Kyle T.

"I obtained a GMRS license so myself and family members could have access to those frequencies and capabilities if ever we had any recreational or emergency (we live in a hurricane prone area) or other situational needs (coordinating towing or other mobile situation). Most GMRS radios also have the NOAA frequencies which means we have that access also! Kyle is my Son-in-Law and needs to have a radio to join the team!"

To Radioddity "CONGRATS!"

Prize - Raddy RW3 Emergency Radio

8. From Mark S. to Derek Logan S.


"This is my son, who recently bought a house with his fiancée, and I am sure they don't have an emergency radio. Near Raleigh, NC, subject to the Southeastern USA's proclivity to hurricanes and tornadoes, I'd like them to be equipped with a good radio during the hurricane season."

9. From John I. to James V. D.

"Jim is a good friend and sometimes he makes trips up canyon roads in Utah in inclimate weather where there's no cell phone coverage. Years ago my brother and I went up one of those roads on Thanksgiving, and though our lives most likely weren't in any _serious_ danger, the snow was coming down so thick and heavy, and we'd been told to come to our friends' home hungry --- that there was plenty to eat, it would have ruined our day, and theirs!

I've often reflected on that day, and if there hadn't been a rock quarry underpass, and if we hadn't seen it in the thick snowfall, we would have been stuck in the underpass...for hours. There was nowhere else to turn around. An analog/digital radio would have made a huge difference, whereas a fully-charged cell phone would have been useless! On a mountain canyon road, with a Radioddity radio and a good antenna, help would have been easily secured. Many hams tune in to those help frequencies and, in that type of weather and especially during holidays, a good radio and a good antenna can be a real life saver!"

To Radioddity "Radioddity is now celebrating its 9th anniversary --- nine years of serving a wide variety of happy customers to a hobby that is growing and dedicated to worldwide communications, which each year adds numbers to its base. Not only does it provide radios and accessories at attractive prices, they have been proven to be durable durable and dependable as well! After nine good years we say, Well Done!"

Prize - Radioddity FS-T2 FRS Radio

10. From James L. to Cat S.

"Cat is a former canine trainer. As a diabetic, she has faced many challenges after a car accident. She has been a blessing for my wife and I as I have recently become a diabetic myself. She has given my wife a place to turn to when needing to learn about my diabetes, Cat has also decided to use her career as a canine trainer to help us train our dog to become a service animal for me out of the kindness of her heart. Training she paid to learn and got paid to use. Overall just a great hearted wonderful person. Her and her cousin have decided to follow my decision to become licensed ham operators. They are currently studying for their technicians license and it would be great to assist them on their journey."

To Radioddity "Happy 9th Anniversary Radioddity"

11. From Tomasz K. to Jakub K.


"My 5yo son Jakub is very interested in ham radio but his first ham license he can pass at 12yo. Every time when I'm siting in front of my rig he is next to me trying to make contact with other hams. To keep him interested in radio would be nice to have PMRs to use when we are doing outside activities to have another generation hams in future."

To Radioddity "Please remember that next year is 10th anniversary not 11th don't skip this. Congratulations Radioddity! Great service!"


Prize - Radioddity $20 Gift Card

12. From Brett L. to Dave C

"Dave travels the world installing Christian Radio Stations. 'Well done thou good and faithful servant.' "

To Radioddity "I've purchased about 5 Baofengs by now and they are great value for the money. "

13. From Steve C. to Kevin W.

"Kevin is a devoted ARES volunteer. He helps organize the Palo Verde Nuclear Power Plant ham drills for safety. He volunteers at many public service events when possible. He is a person who loves this hobby and wants to share it with others he meets."

To Radioddity "Radioddity has great customer service and they stand by the products they sell with great support. The company is top notch! ~Steve KB0UGI"

14. From Rick C. to One of our new Club members

"Currently I am a Director at Large and Asst Dir of EMCOM for W0SV, St. Cloud Amateur Radio Club (MN). We have numerous members join up and could use a little "assistance" when they start to buy their first radio. This would be a welcome opportunity for any new member that joins. It promotes our Club, it promotes Radioddity, it promotes our hobby (addiction)."

To Radioddity "All I can say is Radioddity has great prices... but, better than that, their customer support is second to none. THAT sez a lot for me."

15. From Mark M. to Jerry G.


"Been COVID-19 laid off for the year and more and recently let go from his career because of his age and 'Restructuring' of his company. He’s depressed about not being able to find work. Good guy in our Ham Radio community, and could simply use a break. Some little thing to cheer him up."

To Radioddity "Stay with us!! Love your products and always looking for new and exciting buys."

*All rights reserved by Radioddity

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  • James

    I bought my first radio, a GD-55+ a couple of years back. Since then I did buy several other radios, GD-77, GD-73, Xiegu G90 (which seems to be no longer supported by Xiegu themselves) and lately the DB25-D. The best thing is (and that´s what I do love you for) the fact, that you do care on the customers even years later. Your customer support is just outstanding and can be seen as ‘leading’ for Chinese radio manufacturers. Please keep on that route!

  • Mike Peterson

    I hope I can win a GMRS radio for my good friend and “Elmer” Gary. He is a very generous man who donates lots of time, and often, equipment, to his fellow radio enthusiasts. I’d like to “return the favor” by introducing him to the as yet unexplored (by him) world of GMRS radio.

  • ken Minto Jr

    Thank you for the amazing customer service that y’all have. Answering questions,even though I had not purchased a single item. Amazing folks. Thanks yall!

  • Mark Machcinski

    This is a good thing you folks are doing for the common good!!! Thank you!


    Thanks for letting me nominate my good Christian Brother Dave, for a $20 gift certificate. He travels the world installing Christian Radio Stations,

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