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New Firmware Release for GD-88, DB25-D and DB40-D

Non ham radio customers often asked for a DMR radio capable for securing their DMR traffic using AES256 encryption. Our GD-AT10G does that out of the box already from its initial release, but that had been the only one until today.

From today on that has changed as we just released new firmware for the Radioddity GD-88 handheld radio as well as for the Radioddity DB25-D and DB40-D mobile radios. All of them, including the GD-AT10G work fine on DMR using AES256 encryption. We also tested our radios using AES256 against other brands capable of DMR EAS256 encryption and are happy to conclude: compatible with all tested radios.

Alongside with this new feature, the number of predefined QuickMsgs had to be decreased to 16 in order to make room for the AES256 encryption keys. To program your GD-88, DB25-D and DB40-D for AES256 encryption you will additionally need our updated CPS. To make it easier for our customers we have wrapped all required files within one single archive that needs to be downloaded for each of the radios. Click here to download the new Firmware and Extended Manual [EN] V3.1.

As always: The firmware update and the updated CPS are free of charge for our customers.

Remark: Those customers using the Radioddity version of the 3rd party CPEditor by David, MM7DBT will be happy to know that David will also release an updated version of his CPEditor that will support AES256 encryption keys.


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