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Radioddity GS-5B Analog Radio
Radioddity GS-5B Analog Radio
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Radioddity GS-5B Funkgerät VHF UHF Amateurfunk mit Bluetooth Funktion S-Meter

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The GS-5B is a rugged and reliable 5W dual-band analog two-way radio for ham use. It features Bluetooth programming from a smartphone as well as true manual programming via keypad, very convenient to program the radio anytime anywhere.

The bright orange color of this radio makes it easy to see in all situations and is a real benefit for emergency services. The bright color can be seen quickly during daylight or at night, making it easy to see in the field or when in use by emergency team members.

In addition to standard accessories, it also comes with an 8.9” long high gain antenna and a high-quality air acoustic earpiece. The GS-5B is an excellent choice for those who need the features and versatility of the Baofeng UV-5R but with a more mature look, professional feeling, greater durability and extended capabilities.

Disclaimer: No License is required to purchase this radio, nor to Monitor (listen) to the many Amateur (Ham) Radio frequencies. However, an FCC License is required to Transmit (Talk) on Amateur Radio Frequencies in the USA. Please visit to learn more.

CLICK HERE to download user manual.

Radioddity GS-5B Overall Review and Report
Radioddity GS-5B Dual Band Handheld Transceiver Overall Review and Report John Eddy, Amateur Radio N0JDE (USA)   Preface: In order to give a complete and full review of this radio, I used the Radioddity GS-5B as my daily driver for the past 3-4 weeks.   1. Packaging and Enclosures: This radio was well packaged by Radioddity. With the radio came with a Model 8800BP lithium ion battery (standard 2000 mAh), a charging cradle, an antenna, 1 power adapter for the charging cradle, an air acoustic earpiece, a belt clip, a hand strap, a programming cable, and a user manual.   2. Physical Appearance: The radio has a very rugged feel when you hold it in your hand. It has a very attractive orange casing that makes it easy to find in the dark. The rubber gripping on the sides, and the narrowness of the radio makes it very comfortable to hold. The buttons are very easy to see with very crisp silk screening. The radio also has a Kenwood 2-pin accessory connection on the right side, which should be very familiar with users that own a Baofeng, Anytone, or Radioddity handhelds. This is a huge advantage since it enables this radio to work with a large assortment of easily attainable accessories such as shoulder speaker-microphones, earpieces, or even an APRS cable that can be plugged into an Android phone or into a TNC. The volume knob feels very nice between finger and thumb due to its size, and the knurling on the knob makes it easy for one to quickly do a blind tune with a single finger or thumb.   3. Flashlight: Unlike similar radios that have a single LED "flashlight" on the top of the radio, the GS-5B has a much more practical design. The flashlight is located on the bottom, and is capable of projecting a wider and a brighter beam. What also makes this flashlight different from the others is the LED itself. Baofengs and other radios only use a through-hole PCB mounted round LED without any kind of reflectors. The GS-5B uses a much brighter surface mounted white LED, and is surrounded by a mirror-like reflective housing. Along with the white LED, the flashlight also has 2 additional colored surface mounted red and blue LEDs that will strobe.     4. IMPROVED Display: One of the biggest upgrades that traditional Baofeng users will notice is the much improved, full colored display. The display, which is approximately 1.5 inches diagonal, has a very crisp display that is easy to read. It features a S-meter on top, which is not found on many handheld radios today. The display also has a dual frequency display on the bottom, and in the middle shows which frequency or channel that is currently being used.     5. Battery and Charging: This radio comes with a lithium ion battery that has the typical 2000 mAh cycle, but the battery itself is not the typical handheld battery. The battery itself, much like the radio, is very rugged. It is secured to the radio using a metal screw on the bottom instead of using plastic tabs. One thing that I find annoying with Baofeng radios like the UV-5R is the fact when lightly dropped on the floor, the battery will pop off and you risk breaking the plastic catch/release tab. With the GS-5B, the battery is very well secured with this screw. The radio's battery can be charged in 3 ways: using the charging cradle with the enclosed power adapter, using the charging cradle with a micro-USB cable, or charging the battery itself directly using the micro-USB port on the battery. The utilization of a micro-USB cable alone gives the GS-5B a strong advantage since it provides users flexibility on charging methods. Almost everyone has access to a micro-USB cable and a USB charger (phone charger, USB ports in a car, ports on a computer, etc.). This also allows the user to charge the battery using a portable battery bank when hiking, or during emergency scenarios where mains power is down. Charging time for this battery is consistent with other radios that use a battery with similar capacities. Here is a chart of approximate charging times that I've experienced: Charging Cradle with Power Adapter: - Fully drained battery – 4 to 4 ½ hours - Half drained battery – 1 ½ to 2 hours Charging Cradle with USB, or micro-USB on back of battery (1.0 Amp output): - Fully drained battery – 5 to 6 hours - Half drained battery – 3 to 3 ½ hours Charging Cradle with USB , or micro-USB on back of battery (2.1 Amp output): - Fully drained battery – 3 ½ to 4 hours - Half drained battery – 1 to 1 ½ hours     6. Wired/Wireless Programming This radio can be programmed using 1 of 2 methods: connected to a PC using a programming cable, or wirelessly using Bluetooth to a cell phone. Radioddity provides PC programming software on their website that can be downloaded to a PC running Windows. The enclosed programming cable utilizes a USB-to-Serial chipset, and is connected to the radio's Kenwood 2-pin plug on the right side. The cable works flawlessly between the computer and the radio. The programming software is tailored exclusively for the GS-5B, and the application is very easy to navigate. This software will allow you to program a channel list where one can enter in the transmit/receive frequencies, PL tones in either CTCSS or DCS, high or low transmit power, wide or narrowband, PTT-ID if needed, and a channel name. The Optional Feature window will present you with options that you can also find using the radio’s onboard menu. The field labels are very easy to understand and straightforward. The radio is also programmable using its Bluetooth feature when paired to an Android phone. The Radioddity GS-5B app is available through Radioddity's website. Personally, I find the app to be very user friendly, and I was able to grasp and understand it very quickly. The app will allow users to program channels, choose a frequency mode between the A and B VFOs, and the typical optional features that can also be found through the radio’s onboard menu. The app also saves your codeplug to your phone so you can refer to it in the future when needed. I find the Bluetooth programming feature to be an extremely huge advantage, and it is a feature many users wanted to see.     7. Battery Life The battery life on the GS-5B, when using the provided battery, in my opinion is one of the backdraws on this radio. From my personal experience, the battery will only last 8 to 10 hours when the radio is on standby. Here is a chart of my experience with the GS-5B’s battery life: - Fully charged, power-save mode is on, display is set to auto-off, Bluetooth is off, no transmissions/QSOs: 8 to 10 hours - Fully charged, power-save mode is on, display is set to auto-off, Bluetooth is off, with "ragchewing" QSOs lasting anywhere from 5 to 25 minutes: 5 to 6 ½ hours - Fully charged, power-save mode is off, display stays on, Bluetooth is off, no transmissions/QSOs: 6 to 7 hours - Fully charged, power-save mode is off, display stays on, Bluetooth is off, with "ragchewing" QSOs lasting anywhere from 5 to 25 minutes: 4 to 5 hours I believe this may be an isolated case with a possibility of my battery being defective. My other handheld radios with a similar battery capacity usually can stay in listening/standby mode for 24-36 hours without any transmissions made.   8. Transmit Power The GS-5B is a dual power, dual band radio that has a maximum transmit power of 5 watts. Using my Surecom SW-102 SWR/watt meter, 2 feet of RG-58 jumper coax, and a MFJ-261 dry dummy load, I got the following readings: VHF, High Power (146.520 MHz) – 4.2 to 4.7 Watts VHF, Low Power (146.520 MHz) – 0.9 to 1.1 Watts UHF, High Power (440.000 MHz) – 4.1 to 4.5 Watts UHF, Low Power (440.000 MHz) – 0.8 to 1.0 Watts Tests are ran with a fully charged battery, and the power readings are acceptable for a handheld radio. While with the radio being on low power hits the target of the 1 watt range, the high power falls just under 5 watts. This can be due to my testing equipment, quality of coax used, etc. since these readings can fluctuate depending on the equipment used. To get a much accurate watt/power reading, one should use an oscilloscope. Unfortunately, I do not own one. When it comes to distance, the radio performs just like any other 5 watt handheld. I am able to key up to a VHF repeater, within line-of-sight, that is approximately 15-20 miles away with the stock antenna on high power. The same when keying a UHF repeater on high power. When switch out the stock antenna to an aftermarket antenna, I noticed no difference. The aftermarket antennas I used was the Nagoya NA-771, Diamond SRJ77CA, and a Signal Stick. When the stock antenna performs just as well with these other antennas, this comes to a huge advantage for the user. Unlike the stock antenna that comes with Baofengs, the user that uses the GS-5B will not need to upgrade their antenna.   9. Transmit and Receive Audio Quality Once again, on a Radioddity branded radio, the GS-5B has superb audio reports when transmitting. Here are my testing conditions: - Transmitting to repeater (VHF and UHF), both approximately 15 miles away line of sight - Simplex transmission (VHF 146.520 MHz) to a station that is 10 miles away line of sight - High Power When transmitting through a repeater, I got reports stating that I was clearly audible, clear to understand, and full quieting (no background noise). When doing a simplex transmission, I was still clearly audible, clear to understand, and a little hiss in the background. I also did this test with 3 other radios (Anytone 868, Baofeng UV-5x3, Yaesu FT65R). The GS-5B compared to these 3 radios did very well, and the audio reports of the GS-5B were similar to the Anytone and Yaesu radios. The internal speaker on the GS-5B is also very loud and crisp, and is easy to comprehend when outdoors with a lot of environmental white noise. The air acoustic earpiece that came with the radio had superb results as well with clear receive audio, and very clear transmission audio unlike the earpieces that come with the Baofeng radios.   10. Pros and Cons: Pros: - Rugged and waterproof form factor - Attractive orange color making it easy to find - A much improved full color display that features a S-meter - Excellent audio quality and reports - Using a cell phone and Bluetooth to program radio using Radioddity’s app - Improved flashlight design that makes it practical to use - Stock antenna performs just as well as the leading aftermarket brands - Flexible methods of battery charging Cons: - Battery life (again, this could just be an isolated case)   11. Conclusion Overall, the Radioddity GS-5B is an excellent radio. I used this radio as my daily driver for the past 3-4 weeks and have been extremely pleased with it. The way the radio feels and the way it looks is amazing, and it is a pleasure doing QSOs on this radio. I see where some in the amateur radio community, through online forums, say that the GS-5B is overpriced with the $99.99 price point since it is a Chinese radio. I completely disagree. Even though this is a Chinese radio, the way it operates is on par with the Japanese-made radios such as Icom, Kenwood, and Yaesu. The build quality, transmission quality, features, Bluetooth, and programming platform options makes this radio easily price pointed for $99.99. One can find a Japanese-made radio with these similar features, but can expect to pay $75-100 more than the GS-5B. In my opinion, this radio is a definite buy and would make a great addition to a ham station and/or emergency go-kit.  
Radioditty GS-5B Review with Measurement of Performance - By WB6HRO
Radioddity recently released a new water-resistant handheld radio the GS-5B, this fits the bill for a more industrial type radio that can take the daily abuse of in a work environment. The case is definitely sturdier that a typical handheld and has a 7.4 Volt 2,000 mah battery pack. The battery is secured with a screw to enhance the seal and moisture resistance. This really fits the bill for a radio that you can take most anywhere.   The radio is listed as VHF / UHF radio it has a transmit range of 136-175 mhz and 400-520 mhz. While the receiver has a range of 136-520 mhz, so you can monitor on the 220 mhz band as a bonus feature. The radio also has separate PTT switches for each band and a large color display.I have made my measurements with an IFR-1200SS Service Monitor. Just to make the receiver sensitivity measurement comparable with something you can do at home, I used squelch level 1 as the benchmark so when it broke squelch at level 1, I entered the signal generator output levels.MeasurementReceiver Sensitivity146.520 .18 uv223.500 .30 uv Lower sensitivity but not advertised to cover 220.446.000 .17 uvTransmitter Deviation CTCSS / Microphone146.520 680 / 4.5 Khz446.000 700 / 5.0 KhzTransmitter Power L / H146.520 2.9/4.0 W446.000 2.2/3.7 WOverall, the radio performed very well and if you are looking for something more rugged here’s an option, for the off-roading, hiking and fishing fans. Just a note while not listed in the manual but the top row of keys provides the DTMF tones for “A, B, C, & D”. This was important to me as I use those keys for control functions on my repeaters.The accessories included are a drop in charger, antenna, serial programming cable, belt clip, lanyard, and clear ear piece and microphone for noisy environments.The programing is done with software downloaded from the Radioddity website via provided serial cable. This is the first radio I have tested that you can also program via Bluetooth from your smartphone too! I had to download the software for the iOS as a beta version via the provided Q-Code as Apple had not released it to the App Store as of this writing. Programing is straight forward but the Bluetooth is really nice for field programming as keyboard programing can be challenging at times with imported radios.Joe OrricoWB6HROWR6AAC Repeater System   Learn more about Radioddity GS-5B
Radioditty GS-5B Product Review | by Jerry. K
  Just got a Bluetooth programmable Radioditty GS-5B, which appears to be quite similar to a Baofeng. I wouldn’t be surprised if it uses the same or similar chip as Baofengs as the voice prompting (which I turned off) is the same as any Baofeng. It programs channels 0-127, just like Baofeng. It is just a dual band (2m/70cm) analog HT, although it can also receive 220. What sets it apart, however, is a different display and also that it can be programmed by either by keypad, computer CPS, or Bluetooth using the iOS or Android app for it. Not a bad radio. Receive is on par with Baofeng, not great, but certainly workable. Radio is built well enough. It’s no Motorola, but feels solid.   CONS The dual-PTT button isn’t as well designed as the UV-82-series. Cost was $100.   PROS The battery not only snaps in, but there is also a screw that holds it in place giving zero chance of the battery popping out from a fall. Charging is another one of the pluses with this radio. It can be charged by quite a few methods. It can be charged either by using the cradle and wall adapter or by microUSB. You can charge by microUSB by either plugging a microUSB cable into the cradle or directly into the battery. The microUSB port is on the battery itself, so if you had a spare battery, you could charge it directly while continue using the radio with your other battery. Audio reports were good and also sounded ok to me using my AllStar nodes in Parrot mode as a simplex source. The flashlight is on the bottom and has a reflector and push of flashlight battery cycles between on, blinking with red, white, and blue lamps, to off. It also is capable of receiving FM broadcast radio. Band A and B are completely independent. You can have one in VFO mode and other in channel mode, which is very cool. Antenna is “ok”, although I’m using a Diamond SRJ77CA. The display includes a signal strength meter, which is a nice touch, although I wonder if it’s just for aesthetics rather than a true indication of signal strength. The main selling point is the Bluetooth programmability. It does work, although the app is pretty basic. I’m hoping that they polish the app up I the future.   SUGGESTIONS I see a great opportunity to add really cool features to the app such as downloading repeaters from RepeaterBook or RFinder and then importing them to the radio over Bluetooth. Also, being able to share your configuration and save to online sources would be extremely easy to implement as iOS already has those facilities built in. Having an Apple developer account myself, I’d love to make such an app it Radioditty won’t, but they don’t have a SDK (I asked), however they said they would seriously consider adding those features. All in all, I like the radio, but until Radioditty polished the iOS/Android application, hopefully also adding the features I suggested. I don’t see it as major jump from an average Baofeng, but it has a lot of potential that I hope is taken advantage of.

Das GS-5B ist ein robustes und zuverlässiges analoges Dualband Funkgerät. Mit 128 Kanälen und bis zu 5 W Leistung kann es bis zu 6KM Reichweite erreichen. Es verfügt über eine integrierte Bluetooth-Technologie, so dass das Funkgerät über den dedizierten APP über Bluetooth programmiert werden kann. Das GS-5B ist eine ausgezeichnete Wahl für diejenigen, die die Funktionen und die Vielseitigkeit des Baofeng UV-5R benötigen, aber mit einem ausgereifteren Aussehen, einer professionelleren Ausstrahlung und einer größeren Haltbarkeit.


Dieses Funkgerät hat einen Suchfrequenzmodus, mit dem die Betriebsfrequenzen einschließlich der Subtonparameter aus nächster Nähe schnell erkannt werden können. Auf diese Weise können Sie schnell neuen Gruppen in der Nähe beitreten.

Das Display bietet ein empfangenes Signalstärkemesser, mit dem Sie die Signalstärke des Empfangs beobachten können.
Kanalnamen anpassen

Die Kanäle können benannt werden, wodurch der Zweck des Kanals leicht bestätigt werden kann.


Das GS-5B ist mit einer LED-Taschenlampe mit SOS-Blutzfunktion für den Notfall ausgestattet. Die Taschenlampe ist viel heller als bei anderen allgemeinen Funkgeräte.
Doppel PTT

Es verfügt über 2 PTT-Tasten, so dass man zwei Frequenzen getrennt übertragen kann. Durch Drücken der zwei PTT-Tasten kann man sowohl die Frequenz A als auch die Frequenz B übertragen.
2 Lademethode

Das Ladegerät und die 2000mAh Li-ion Akku verfügen beide über einen Mikro-USB-Anschluss. Durch der USB-Anschluss kann das GS-5B überall z.B. Computer, Auto, Adapter oder ein Powerbank aufgeladen wird.

51 CTCSS 211 DCS
ANI Code
FM Radio
1750Hz Tone
Customize Channel Names

1. Die Android APP bittet um Erlaubnis. Die Berechtigung zum Standort ist für die Bluetooth-Verbindung erforderlich. Andere können abgelehnt werden.
2. Bitte scannen Sie den QR-Code, um die IOS-Version der APP herunterzuladen. Der Apple Store überprüft es und wird es bald starten.
3. Die Bluetooth-Verbindung wird nach jedem Programmieren automatisch getrennt, um Batteriestrom zu sparen.
4. Bitte schalten Sie die Bluetooth-Funktion aus, wenn Sie sie mit dem PC programmieren.
5. Schreiben Sie Ihre Vorschläge auf, um dieses Radio zu verbessern - KLICKEN SIE HIER, um Ihr Feedback mit uns zu teilen. 

Frequenzbereich: VHF & UHF (TX: 136-174/400-520 RX: 87-108/136-174/400-520MHz)
Speicherkanal: 128
Sendeleistung: 5W / 1W
1750Hz Tone
Batteriekapazität: 2000mAh Li-Ion, 7,4V
Farbe: Orange
Abmessungen : 135 * 60 * 40mm
Gewicht: 270g

1 x GS-5B Funkgerät
1 x Ladegerät mit USB-Anschluss
1 x Programmierkabel
1 x 2000mAh Li-Ionen Akku
1 x Adapter
1 x Headset
1 x Gürtelclip
1 x Handschlaufe und Handbuch  

1 Year and 6 months
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Quick-Sweep Team Function
Signal Strength Meter
Channel Name & Frequency Display
Bluetooth + PC Programming

The GS-5B can be programmed the frequency, channel information and extra function settings on the dedicated APP. Compatible with both Android and IOS system. In addition, all settings and functions can be manually operated through the panel buttons. PC programming is also available.

Quick-Sweep Team Function

This radio features a Search Frequency Mode, which can quickly detect the frequency and tones of nearby transmitters in VFO mode. This will allow you to join nearby radio users on their frequencies quickly.

Signal Strength Meter

The display offers a received signal strength meter, you can observe the strength of signal reception anytime. With the S-meter, it is also convenient to do simple antennas testing.

Display Both Channel Name & Frequency

This radio can display both name and frequency of the current channel at the same time, so you can always know what the channel is for and on what frequency they are operating easily. The channels' name can also be customized in the menu.

Large Flashlight & SOS Strobe

It comes with an LED flashlight with SOS strobe function for emergency use. The flashlight is much brighter than other general radios.

Dual PTT

It features dual PTT buttons so that you can transmit on two channels separately without switching from A/B. By pressing the top PTT you can transmit on frequency A and by pressing the second PTT, you can transmit on frequency B.

2 Charging Method

The desktop charger and 2000mAh battery of GS-5B both come with a Micro-USB port, which comes in very handy to charge it in the car, from a laptop or a power bank with a Micro-USB cable (not included).

Large Flashlight & SOS Strobe

It comes with an LED flashlight with SOS strobe function for emergency use. The flashlight is much brighter than other general radios.

Dual PTT

It features dual PTT buttons so that you can transmit on two channels separately without switching from A/B. By pressing the top PTT you can transmit on frequency A and by pressing the second PTT, you can transmit on frequency B.

2 Charging Method

The desktop charger and 2000mAh battery of GS-5B both come with a Micro-USB port, which comes in very handy to charge it in the car, from a laptop or a power bank with a Micro-USB cable (not included).

More Features
Inverted Screen Display
IP56 Rainproof
VOX Delay
DTMF Function
211 CTCSS and 51 DCS Tones
750Hz Tone Encryption
VOX for Hands-free Operation
Talking Range
Up to 6 miles
Frequency Range

VHF & UHF (TX: 136-174/400-520 RX: 87-108/136-174/400-520MHz)

Memory Channel


Output Power

5W / 1W

Frequency step


Battery Capacity

2000mAh Li-ion, 7.4V

Audio Output



135 * 60 * 40 mm

5.3 * 2.4 * 1.6 in



What’s in the box
  • 1 x GS-5B Radio
  • 1 x Desktop Charger with USB port
  • 1 x High Gain Antenna
  • 1 x 2000mAh Li-ion Battery
  • 1 x Adapter
  • 1 x Air Acoustic Earpiece
  • 1 x Belt Clip
  • 1 x Hand Strap
  • 1 x User Manual

1. The Android App will ask for permission. The permission for Location is necessary for Bluetooth connection. Others can be denied.

2. Please scan the QR code to download the iOS version of the APP. Or you can search "GS-5B" in App Store.

3. The Bluetooth connection will automatically disconnect after programming each time to save battery power.

4. Please turn off the Bluetooth function when you program it with PC.

5. Write down your suggestions to make this radio better - CLICK HERE to share your feedback with us.