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Xiegu G90 FAQ from Radioddity

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What's the maximum output power if I content G90 with XPA125B?

5W. It's one of the full band settings of G90.

Is the data cable included with the G90 also suitable for other XIEGU machines?

Yes, all the XIEGU USB-TTL cables are universal.

How long can the remote head cable be extended?

When using the remote head, please make sure you are using a high-quality DB9 extension cable. As long as the voltage drop on the cable is small enough, the remote head can work normally. The longest length recommended is about 6 meters (18 feet).

Can the headphone port of the G90 be used to drive external speakers?

No, the headphone port can only drive headphones, not passive speakers.

Is the headphone output mono or stereo?

The G90 output is a mono signal, and the left and right channel are combined on the earphone socket. With a 3.5mm stereo earphone, you can hear sounds on both sides.
If you use a 4-pin earphone, please make sure that the pin definition meets the requirements, otherwise, there may be no sound, low volume, or other errors.

Can I connect the G90 to an external amplifier or a computer, without using the CE-19?

Yes. You can make a cable by yourself. A pinout and interface definition is included in the G90 User Manual

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What is the antenna tuning range of the built-in antenna tuner in the G90?

The tuner can match an antenna with an SWR of up to 5:1

Can the G90 antenna tuner connect to and match a long wire antenna directly without a balun?

No, a balun is needed. Otherwise, the tuning range will be reduced.

Which bands does the G90 support?

Reception is supported from 500KHz to 30Mhz. Transmission is supported on the 10 amateur bands in this range. (160m, 80m, 60m, 40m, 30m, 20m, 17m, 15m, 12m, 10m)

Does the G90 support the new 60 meter band?

Yes, it does.

When switching bands, can the non-amateur band display be turned off?

Yes, it can.

Can I get the 6-meter band by expanding or upgrading firmware?


How do I read the ALC readings?

When the G90 is transmitting, the ALC (Automatic Level Control) meter will be displayed in the upper right corner of the spectrum display area. The normal reading should be greater than 30, and manual intervention is not needed. If the reading is too low when using the line input, please increase the input volume appropriately.

Is the filter bandwidth adjustable on the G90?

Yes, both the center frequency and bandwidth of the digital filter can be adjusted.

What should the frequency accuracy be?

±1.5ppm. You can fine tune the current frequency deviation based on a reference signal. After adjustment, the frequency accuracy could be ± 0.5ppm.

Can the G90 send and receive on different frequencies?

Yes, please turn on SPL (Split Mode).

Can the G90 be connected to a PC serial port directly through the remote head cable interface?

No, this interface is not suitable for a serial port and this could cause damage to the interface.

What is the "Δ" indicator light used for ?

In CW receiving mode, this indicator light will blink in sync with the incoming CW signal when you have the signal tuned to the correct pitch.

Are the buttons on the G90 backlit?

No. The buttons below the screen may be dimly lit by light leaking from the display.

Can the MIC and LINE IN be used at the same time?

No. You can use only one input source at a time.

Does the MIC interface have a speaker output signal?


Does the G90 have protection against damage from high SWR (Standing Wave Ratio)?

Yes, and the standing wave protection threshold is adjustable.

What's the level trigger of the G90's PTT pin?

The G90's PTT pin is triggered by connecting the pin to ground. This is sometimes referred to as a "Low Level Trigger"

Does the G90 support PTT signal output?

Yes, there is a PTT terminal at the rear ACC port. This control terminal is a bidirectional control port.

Can I control the transmit of the G90 by short circuiting the PTT line on the MIC input?

No. To control the transmission of the G90 from outside, you need utilize the provided PTT pin on the rear ACC interface. The CIV command can also control the PTT state of the device.

Why doesn't the S meter show up?

The AGC function needs to be turned on for the S meter to be displayed.

What is the error level of the built-in S meter?

The level reading error of the S meter is ± 2dB, which is significantly more accurate than a standard pointer meter.

Does the S meter of the G90 need to be calibrated?


What is the bandwidth of the displayed spectrum on the G90?

± 24k bandwidth centered on the current signal.

Why is my G90 spectrum displayed so high that I can't see the top?

The SCAL reference level value needs to be adjusted.

How about the stray radiation suppression of the G90?


Is the SWR scanner accurate?

The accuracy of the built-in SWR scanner is sufficient for antenna debugging, and can accurately reflect the SWR of the current antenna feeder system. The scanning power is generally around 5W, which is more accurate than most cheap meters. More precise measurement requires professional instruments.

Can the boot-up tone and system tone be turned off?

Yes, it can be turned off in the radio settings menu.

Does the G90 have voice compression function?

Yes, press the CMP button to enable voice compression.

Does the G90 have voice control VOX function?

Yes, FUNC + press the volume knob to set accordingly.

Why does the sound become louder when AGC is turned off?

When AGC is turned off, the G90 is in the highest gain state, and the noise will be significantly increased. It sounds loud, but it may reduce the signal-to-noise ratio and dynamics. It is recommended to turn on AGC.

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Does the G90 support CW auto key?

Yes, and the auto key rate can be adjusted.

Why is my CW signal not decoded?

To decode a CW signal requires:
1. The frequency is tuned to the correct pitch.
2. The received signal-to-noise ratio(SNR) is strong enough.
3. The code sent by the other party should be standard. If the code is sent manually, the decoding accuracy is lower. If the code is sent from a computer or by a machine automatically, the decoding accuracy is higher. Generally, automatic decoding is only a supplement to manual copying.

Can the CW key be used to switch modes?

Yes, it can be used for IAMBIC A/B Mode switching.

Can the CW key be used to adjust the length and proportion of dots and dashes?

Yes, it can.

Can the G90 store CW calling information?

No, it can't.

Can I adjust the CW tone of the G90?


Can CW be used in SSB mode?

No, you need to turn the mode to CW or CWR.

Does the G90 support data communication modes like FT8?

Yes, it does.

What is the CWR mode?

Compared to CW, it a sideband report mode. In some cases, CWR mode can be used to eliminate some specific interference nearby.

Does the G90 have an FM mode?

No, it doesn't.

Is there a NB function?

Yes, please see the user manual for full details of the included noise blanker.

What operating modes does the G90 support?


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Can I turn on the G90 through CAT?


Can the G90 be set to show the call sign on the boot-up screen?

Yes, it can.

Does the G90 support computer input signals for data communication?

Yes, there is an audio input/output terminal at the rear ACC port, which is specially used for external input /output.

Can I use a PC to control the G90?

Yes, you can control it with software like HRD, HDSDR, etc.

What protocol does the G90 use for computer control instruction?

Standard CIV protocol, compatible with ICOM.

How do I factory reset the G90?

Turn off the G90, hold the FUNC button, and turn on the machine, then your radio will be reset. (this reset function was added in firmware version V1.73)

How do I update the G90 firmware?

When updating the firmware, the head and body need to be updated at the same
time, and the firmware version number must be the same for both. For detailed
operation, please refer to the Firmware Upgrade Instructions:

How to update Xiegu G90 firmware?

What happens if the firmware update process fails or is cut off prematurely?

Repeat the update procedure. The device will not be bricked.

How do I check the current firmware version number?

Item #7 in the radio menu shows the firmware version

What are the differences between the G90 and G90S?

The hardware in the G90 and G90S is identical. The G90S is the original model for the Chinese market, with the G90 being the model for sales overseas. The G90 is provided with a different set of operating frequencies based on the sales region.

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How many channels can be stored in the G90?


Which port is used for a PC control connection?

On the left side of the radio head unit (below the headphone port).

Does the G90 have a CMIIT ID?

Yes, its CMIIT ID is 2019FP3960.

What type of circuit does the G90 use?

The G90 uses a Mixer SDR with a 24 bit @ 48khz DAC

What type of power connector does the G90 use?


What input voltage range does the G90 accept?


What is the rating of the fuse in the power cord?

10A fuse

Can the G90 be powered with 4 Lithium batteries which are 16.8V in total?

Can the G90 be powered with 4 Lithium batteries which are 16.8V in total?

How do I connect the G90 to a ground wire?

There is a ground terminal connection at the rear panel, which is for the ground wire connection. Good grounding can help improve the performance of the equipment and enhance its anti-interference ability.

What is the maximum emission current of G90? What kind of power supply would be suitable?

The maximum emission current could be up to 5.5A, when under 13.8V DC power, and the emission current in full power transmitting can't be higher than 5.3A. A power supply with 6A or above output power would be recommended.

What is the minimum input voltage that allows the G90 to transmit at full power?

The G90 can transmit at full power with input voltages at or above 11.5V. Input voltages above 13.8V will not improve the output power, as the APC unit in the radio will regulate the power automatically.

How do I confirm that the output power of the device is normal?

Select CW mode, press the key to start transmission, and observe the output power reading displayed on the screen.
You can also use an external power meter to help. Do not use SSB mode to check as it will be affected by the input volume, which may cause a large change in output power.

Does the G90 have reverse polarity protection?

The reverse polarity protection consists of a fuse in the power cord and an internal circuit. When the radio is accidentally miswired, the fuse will blow, and the internal protection circuit will take action to prevent further damage. To repair it, you just need to just replace the fuse and repair the protection unit inside the radio. Generally, it will not cause more serious damage.

What is the receive sensitivity of the G90?

0.25uV @ 10dB S/N

Can the G90 connect to a PC and show a spectrum?

Yes, you can connect the I/Q signal to your PC's sound card, and use appropriate SDR software to see a spectrum.

Does the G90 have a spectrum display?

Yes, it provides both a spectrum and waterfall display.

Can the G90 show the SWR (Standing Wave Ratio) of my antenna setup?

Yes. There's a standing wave meter on the right side of the screen, and the current standing wave ratio will be displayed when transmitting.

Is the transmit power adjustable on the G90?

Yes, continuously adjustable from 1 ~ 20W in steps of 1W.

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