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BAOFENG X RADIODDITY UV-82X3 Radio | Tri-band 1.25M | Dual PTT | 2 Antennas | with Cable

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Tri-band Transceiver: UV-82X3 not only has VHF and UHF band, but also a great entrance to 220MHz, offering more room for experimenting on the niche amateur frequencies.

Dual Push-to-Talk Switch: With the dual watch and dual PTT, it’s very handy to monitor and transmit on two dual frequencies without having to switch back and forth, a time saver for field operations and emergency services.

Rugged Built Commercial Radio: Lightweight and compact design, great fit in hand; Its solid and durable shell allow to use for years, and the 2000mAh battery can last 2-3 days on light use. It can reach around 3-5 miles in the open air.

Upgraded Accessories: Comes with earpiece, programming cable, 2000mAh large battery, sturdy belt clip, as well as dual band antenna and 220MHz band antenna (Clear to distinguish from the mark on antenna base).

CLICK HERE to download software, manual or programming tips. 
CLICK HERE to download CHIRP. Support CHIRP quick programming.



Take it always on the way, pretty good helper in your rig, especially car-to-car communication, jeep riding, vehicle driving.

Keep your team safety for emergencies while outdoor adventures, boating, base camp, traveling, off-road trips.
○ Not only a VHF UHF radio but a great entrance to 220MHz, allow to reach more amateur frequencies.
○ Dual watch, dual PTT, receiving or transmitting on two band sort of simultaneously.
○ Easy program via keypad and PC, enabling to get a quick start with the user manual.
○ Solid commercial build quality, perfect for field operation and emergencies.

Frequency Range: 144-148MHz, 222-225MHz, 420-450MHz
Output Power: 1W (UHF/1.25M/VHF); 3.5W (1.25M); 4.5W (UHF/VHF)
FM Radio: 65-108 MHz (Commercial reception only)
Memory Channel: 128
Tone Burst: 1000/1450/1750/2100Hz
Tone Scanning: CTCSS, DCS
Built-in Flashlight
VOX Talk

fm radio flashlight  CHIRP dtmf

FM Radio
FM broadcast is a great addition of UV-82X3, just press 'F' button to pick up the FM station you like.

LED Torch
The flashlight comes in handy, click the [F] key to brighten the darkness, very suitable for outdoor adventure and emergency use while traveling.

CHIRP Programmable
Not only support CPS but it’s also simple to program with CHIRP, you can find the port “UV-82X3” under Radioddity. Any assistance about programming, feel free to reach out to us. (Programming cable is included)

UC-82X3 has DTMF tones which can be used for sending out a DMTF sequence to activate some repeaters or confirming with your group members while talking.

battery 1.25 hand

Long Battery Life
2000mAh capacity battery extended 10% standby time than other UV-82 series, it gets a great battery life to keep the communication going with fully charged.
* Standby 4 Days
* Typical Use 1-3 Days
* Continuous Use 5-8 Hours

U/V + 1.25m Band Antenna
Two antennas included: one for dual-band radio, one for 220MHz band which marked as “1.25” on the base, it’s easy can be told apart. It also pairs RD-301 tri-band antenna and is convenient to use to the radio without switching the antenna.

Compact and Portable
Palm-size and portable, great fit in hand, it's easy to bring along on your walks. Solid commercial build quality, perfect for field operation and emergencies.

Package Includes:
1 x UV-82X3 Radio
1 x 7.4V 2000mAh Li-ion Battery
1 x High Gain Antenna
1 x Exclusive 1.25M-Band Antenna
1 x Desktop Charger (100~240V Adapter)
1 x Belt Clip
1 x Wrist Strap
1 x User Manual
1 x Free Earpiece
1 x Free Win10 Programming Cable



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