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Bugfix for Your Radioddity DB25-D and GD-88

Since a long time, there had been a nasty bug hiding in the firmware of our DB25-D and GD-88. Under certain circumstances this did prevent the correct display of DMR ID data that had previously been written to the radio on the radio screen. This bug has now finally been eliminated for both radios. If you update your radio with that new firmware, you also do need the newest version of our CPS.

What´s been fixed:

• DMR ID data is now properly displayed (no more display of wrong DMR database data)
• Assignment of 1450 Hz Pilot tone fixed (does require at least CPS 3.3 DMR CPS_DRS [9.2.16])
• minor fixes within the Talker Alias display
• support for programming cable based on FTDI-chip

• Radioddity DB25-D only: ‘Dual Watch’ added as option to be assigned for a programmable function key. This results to the very same functionality as the switch for Single or Dual VFO display mode found within the radio menu at ‘Local Set ➙ DisplayMode ➙ S/D mode’

Note: When assigning one of the burst tones / pilot tones to short press of a programmable p-key, the long-press function will not be available. So best would be to assign burst tones / pilot tones only to long-press of p-keys.

Known issues:
Non-standard ASCII-characters are not yet supported for Talker Alias. If received Talker Alias data contains such non-standard ASCII-characters or the Talker Alias data received had been encoded using UTF-16, only part of the Talker Alias data will be decoded successfully.

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For full details, please click Radioddity Download Page to get and checkout the release notes of the various archives.

Within our support pages for the DB25-D you will find:

• 2022-11-20 Radioddity CPS 3.3 [9.2.16] (file: 2022-11-20 DB25-D and GD-88 CPS 3.3 DMR CPS_DRS [9.2.16].zip)
• 2022-11-23 Firmware 909E.D64.EARSAB.018 (File: Radioddity DB25-D firmware 909E.D64.EARSAB.018.rar)

Within our support pages for the GD-88 you will find:
• 2022-11-20 Radioddity CPS 3.3 [9.2.16] (file: 2022-11-20 DB25-D and GD-88 CPS 3.3 DMR CPS_DRS [9.2.16].zip
• 2022-11-20 Firmware B49E.D64.EHPSAB.010 (file: Radioddity GD-88 firmware B49E.D64.EHRSAB.009.

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