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Hey guys,

"News & Blog" page is new and available on our website now.

From now on, you are welcomed to send us your articles about two-way radios. It can be programming tips, news, radio comparison, detailed radio review, your adventures with radios, your story with Radioddity, or any other thoughts that may help people learn more about ham and radios.

Once your article is adopted, you will get a free radio product or a new model sample! Looking forward to your contact.

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  • Ian Garris

    I have a question. How easily can you reverse-engineer the Garmin Rino protocols? Because one such option I’m flirting with is a combination of satnav and GMRS radio (easier paperwork, minimal technical need) which has potential applications in small farms, off-roading, caravanning, &c.

    The only two real competitors here are APRS and Rino. Both are terribly inadequate for a few different reasons.

  • Alan Wilson

    Hi all, I recently purchased the new uv-5r ex. I considered it a bargain price and had a original uv-5r several years ago to compare it against. Looked good but couldn’t get it to program using the cable. After several exchanges with their support they sent me another radio and it programs nicely. So far good reports on the new ht and it scans a lot faster too. For an entry level ht or one to use outdoors you can’t beat it. thanks and 73, Alan

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