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Raddy NW3 is far exceeded my expectations-Reviewed by R. Precourt

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I will admit that my expectations were set pretty low when I ordered this, but I figured what the heck. After just going through a 4-day power outage I thought this would come in handy, even if it wasn't great.

I already have an Eton Red Cross emergency radio, which I've had for about 10 years and is my only basis of comparison to this one. The Eton radio is about twice the size of this one, was twice the price, and while it works I consider it to be pretty horrible overall.

When I received this new Raddy radio and saw how small it was, my first thought was that this thing is going to sound horrible since my Eton radio sounds like a tin can and is twice the size. I turned it on and was amazed by how good it sounds. The quality is superb for something this small. While it doesn't have booming bass, the sound is full, rich, and pleasant to listen to.

The small radio feels very solid and well made. The radio has digital tuning and a very nice, large backlit display that is easy to read. A huge improvement over the analog tuning on my Eton radio. The controls are easy to use and radio reception is excellent for both FM and weather band.

The radio can be powered by battery, USB, hand crank, and solar (my Eton does not have solar). Also, the hand crank handle on this radio is considerably longer than that of the Eton, making it much easier to crank and provides more power per revolution.

Everything about this radio is simply awesome and I now have it sitting in the window to get sun each day so that it will be fully charged in the event that I need to use it in an emergency. It also has an LED flashlight which can come in handy during a power outage. It won't light a whole room, but it's enough to get around.

This product was an amazing find and is something I will consider giving as gifts to loved ones. I give it a highest recommendation.


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