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Radioddity 8th Anniversary Donation to ARRL Fund

 Radioddity 8th Anniversary Donation to ARRL Education & Technology Fund

"Giving is not just about making a donation. It is about making a difference."

Radioddity always cares about the development of ham radio. As promised, funds generated during our anniversary sale have been partially donated to the ARRL Education and Technology Program.


We got the Acknowledgement Letter from ARRL and hereby we would like to share this good news with you all as our sincere appreciation to your support to both Radioddity and ARRL Education & Technology Fund.



Letter content ia as below

Dear Friends:


Thank you for supporting the ARRL Education & Technology Fund with your donation.


Your donation supports grants for school Amateur Radio stations, resources and equipment for teaching students about wireless communications technology, and Teachers Institutes — professional development seminars that provide teachers with the knowledge and tools to educate the next generation about radio science and technology.


Teachers of all grade levels from around the country attend Teachers Institutes and leave with the strategies and resources to introduce their students to basic electronics, the science of radio, space technology and satellite communications, weather science, microcontrollers, and basic robotics. Teachers Institute attendee Mariusz Zielinski, KB1MDS, said, “This was an invaluable experience for me with all the new concepts that I learned, which I am eager to apply to my classroom well as the after-school Amateur Radio club. I cannot thank you enough.”


Because of the generosity of donors like you, dozens of teachers attend each year and hundreds of students benefit from their teachers’ new skills. This helps share the wonders of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) subjects with a new generation, while cultivating a genuine excitement for Amateur Radio in the classroom.


Once again, thank you for contributing to the future of radio science and technology!



Melissa Stemmer, KA7CLO

Development Manager

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