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Radioddity Adjustable Velcro Cap Giveaway

Are you looking for a suitable cap for outdoor activities? Do you have an ideal hat for attending hamfest?

With the coming of Radioddity 9th Anniversary, we've specially designed a Radioddity Edition Adjustable Velcro Cap!

The cap comes with 2 badges made of adhesive square hook and loop tape, one created by embroidery and the other is knitted. Let's take a peek at it.

Please note that the Radioddity doll in the images is not included.





We provide 2 velcro badges for every single cap. One is with Radioddity logo and the other is blank so that you can write down your call sign on it.

Want a free one? Grab the chance now! 10 FREE CAPS are ready for you!


Winner Announcement!

Congratulations to the following lucky winners!

Luke H.
Robert F.
Matthew B.
Wilson R.
John B.
Eddie A.
Nick S.
John P.
Bobby P.
Joseph L.

Our cap stock is still on the way to the US warehouse, we'll arrange the shipping as soon as possible when arrived.

For anyone who joins the giveaway but don't have the luck, we've sent a $10 gift card (no minimum purchase required) to you! Please check your entered email.

Let's see what they say to Radioddity!




How to get one?

Simply self tape a video and say "Happy 9th Anniversary, Radioddity", "Congratulations on 9th Anniversary, Radioddity" or any other words you want to say to us. Then submit the form below to join the giveaway. We'll pick 10 lucky winners to send the caps.

Please make sure your video is shorter than 10 seconds.

Note: Radioddity pronounces as Radi-oddity or Ray-dee-odd-it-ee


What if I don't have the luck?

For anyone who joins the giveaway but don't have the luck, we'll send a $10 gift card (no minimum purchase required) to you!

When will you ship out the caps?

We just confirmed the sample and the stock is under production now. We'll ship the caps to you as soon as possible.

Giveaway Enter Time

Now - August 6th


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