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Radioddity DB25-D CPS 3.3 and September Firmware Release

Customers have been waiting for a factory reset function of Radioddity DB25-D DMR mobile. The new CPS 3.3 in combination with the new firmware as of September 2nd will fill that gap. Besides that we did update the former CPS Addendum and renamed it to just 'Addendum'. Besides the description of the CPS it now also includes a description of the firmware update program. Furthermore we did significantly increase the level of details regarding APRS.

CPS 3.3 as of September 6th, 2021
• New function 'FactoryReset' for saving factory defaults to the radio
• Additional 'Group call hang time' of 30s and 60s
• Startup logo exchanged

Firmware 909E.D4.EARSAB.008. as of September 2nd, 2021
• Improved single VFO display (full screen now utilized)
• Factory reset reverts back to the factory settings saved from the CPS
• Record number / max record number no longer displayed during transfers

The full package (including the current 'Ham contact' file ready for import) is waiting to be downloaded from our Support area.

Note: Whenever you import a Ham contact list, make sure that it is sorted with the DMR ID of the stations in ascending order. That issue is planned to be corrected with the next update.

Please kindly note that all the firmware, software, and user manuals can be found in the Support area on our official website by following steps: → Support → choose Radioddity brand → click on DB25-D

Any bugs you find, please directly file them (preferably with your codeplug and - in case of added value - even a video attached) using the following link:

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  • Michael

    Ladies and gentlemen.

    I am writing for 6 radio amateurs here in Germany and I am very interested in the DB25-D.

    Unfortunately, you are offering the mobile device without a Bluetooth module.

    Not only in Germany, but in Europe, it is not allowed to use microphones and mobile phones while driving. It would be very nice if the DB25 had a bluetooth function, your company would be sure of a higher turnover.

    Kind Regards, Michael

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