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Radioddity DB25-D New Firmware Release 2023-07-06

Dear Radioddity DB25-D customers,

Hopefully you haven't given up hope of ever receiving another firmware update for your DB25-D. Today we at Radioddity are very proud to finally release this long awaited update. You can be sure that we will remain committed to the Radioddity DB25-D and will continue to provide new and updated firmware versions for our customers for free.

Three of the most awaited enhancements are certainly:

- Analog DTMF is now possible with the Radioddity DB25-D.
- Reduction of initial volume (yes, this is now implemented as well).
- No more need to create an RX group if you only want to listen to the talkgroup assigned to the channel

And of course, the DMR ID data is now displayed correctly as expected.
The most convenient way to upload/update this DMR ID data on the Radioddity DB25-D is probably to use David, mm7dbt's CPEditor ( Make sure you are using the Radioddity version of CPEditor.

Be sure to read our release notes before you start updating your Radioddity DB25-D. A complete list of all changes/additions can also be found in the release.

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For full details, please click Radioddity Download Page to download and check out the corresponding files.

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Relevant File:
Precise Directions on How to Update the Firmware of Your Radioddity DB25-D

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We would like to thank all Radioddity DB25-D and GD-88 customers for your constructive feedback.

If you do find any bug in the radio's firmware, our CPS, this documentation or if you are missing a feature, you would have expected, contact us or directly write an email to

In general, the software and firmware updates for your Radioddity DB25-D and Radioddity GD-88 are free of charge. Using a CPS or a firmware not originating from Radioddity may void your warranty.

2 Kommentare

  • Glenn

    The radio hardware design is very nice for such a small radio. I also own a Retevis RT-73 radio which is the same hardware. I purchased the DB25-D because of the new firmware that fixed the analog DTMF generation, but also cause some other problems. The radio now reverts to very low audio every time the channel is changed or when the radio is scanning and stops on an active channel. It is an annoyance to have to readjust the volume control every time the radio stops on an active channel when scanning, or when the channel is changed. The programmable keys for Menu, Scan, Zone selection (and probably others) do not function when a signal is being received, so you have to wait for the channel to become inactive before you can select any of these functions, or dial to an inactive channel first. The RT-73 doesn’t have analog DTMF but doesn’t have any of these problems either. I tried to revert back to previous firmware as provided on the Radioddity webpage but the radio will not accept them, only the 2023 7-06 version works with this radio.

  • James Evan Dallas

    Thank you! Was looking forward to this..

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