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Radioddity DB25-D CPS V3.2 Release

The DB25-D got released just a couple of days ago, but despite extended testing upfront, some bugs found their way up to the customer. Based on the feedback we got, the CPS turned out to be most urgent. We are proud to announce, that the new CPS 3.2 is now available for all customers to download within our support area.

Update Diary V3.2
• No more unwanted changes of parameters
• Additional shortcut Ctrl+S for saving the codeplug to the PC
• Display of readable text within the communications window
• Update of built-in help texts
• Headlines in channel definitions shortened and no longer truncated
• Renaming of ‘GCL’ to ‘RX Group’ within channel settings
• Correction of popups
• Proper display of APRS(A) within channel settings
• Using ‘Del’ within the ‘Contact list’ now deletes, starting at the current cursor position

The software-staff is already working on a firmware-update as well. We expect that to be released within the next weeks.

An updated version of the former ‘CPS Addendum’ will be published as soon as the first firmware update has also been released. Based on our users request, it will include more details on APRS and new chapters on firmware update and others.

Please kindly note that all the firmware, software, and user manuals can be found in the Support area on our official website by following steps: → Support → choose Radioddity brand → click on DB25-D

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  • Bill, W7ERH

    I appreciate your continued efforts and service.
    Thank you,

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