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Radioddity GD-88, DB25-D New Firmware & CPS Release

We know some of you (the Radioddity DB25-D customers) had been waiting already quite long to get a fresh firmware update for your radio. Whereas the latest Radioddity GD-88 customers already got some minor updates within their radios perhaps even not knowing about. But now we got it all together and ready for your weekend to be checked out.

The feature we are most proud of is the long-awaited support of Talker Alias. The firmware files for both radios (DB25-D and GD-88) have the initial Talker Alias implementation available for you to check out. The implementation has not yet reached the level we want it to be (e.g., support for international characters not yet supported) but we did not want to keep you waiting any longer for that often-requested feature. That´s why we decided to already release it at this early stage. You are welcome to give us feedback on the current implementation of Talker Alias.

Now it is also possible to stay in the radio menu even on an incoming call.

Besides that, additional Pilot Tones are now supported as P-Keys for operating repeaters that do not require the standard 1750 Hz one.

The updated CPS no longer crashes if you are using a screen resolution of more than 1080x1920 and of course it does support the additional pilot tones.

And of course, our extended manual for the Radioddity DB25-D and GD-88 has also been updated with full details on all those new features plus a lot more.

Furthermore, we have updated our default codeplugs. You find those together with our CPS as .F136 files to be used with the Radioddity CPS and as JSON-files to be used with the CPEditor of David MM7DBT as his newest version already does support the new features as soon as you have updated your radio's firmware.

Release note:

➤ Release note for CPS 3.3 DMR CPS_DRS [9.2.15] for Radioddity DB25-D & Radioddity GD-88

• Besides 1750 Hz, the CPS now also supports pilot tones / burst tones of 700 Hz, 1000 Hz, 1400 Hz, 1450 Hz and 2100 Hz
• No more crash ("Error 6") if screen resolution exceeds 1080x1920

--- --- --- --- --- ---

➤ Release note for Radioddity DB25-D firmware 909E.D4.EARSAB.017

• Talker Alias (TA) now supported.
• Besides 1750 Hz, the radio now also supports pilot tones / burst tones of 700 Hz, 1000 Hz, 1400 Hz, 1450 Hz and 2100 Hz (requires CPS 3.3 [9.2.15] for support of those)
• "TimeOfCall" label now displayed in English instead of Chinese
• After changing a contact of call type Private "Call" to "Group Call", it is now possible again to change it back to "Private Call"
• If a menu had been selected and a call comes in, the menu remains selected and navigation within the menu is still possible

--- --- --- --- --- ---

➤ Release note for Radioddity GD-88 firmware B49E.D64.EHRSAB.007

• Talker Alias (TA) now supported
• Besides 1750 Hz, the radio now also supports pilot tones / burst tones of 700Hz, 1000 Hz, 1400 Hz, 1450 Hz and 2100 Hz (requires CPS 3.3 [9.2.15] for support of those)
• Improved behaviour of "Zone Switch" P-key


A firmware update for the Radioddity DB25-D consists of just one file, the Radioddity GD-88 does require two separate files. One for each independent VFO (A and B). The firmware files are normally marked with "HAM_A" and "HAM_B".

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For full details, please click Radioddity Download Page to download and check out the corresponding files.

Relevant Blog: How to update Radioddity GD-88 & DB25-D Firmware?

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We would like to thank all Radioddity DB25-D and GD-88 customers for your constructive feedback.

If you do find any bug in the radio's firmware, our CPS, this documentation or if you are missing a feature, you would have expected, contact us or directly write an email to In general, the software and firmware updates for your Radioddity DB25-D and Radioddity GD-88 are free of charge. Using a CPS or a firmware not originating from Radioddity may void your warranty.

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  • MK

    please add more channels to the scan list and the ability to scan two vfos at the same time

  • Reggie Haszler

    To the admin, Your posts are always well researched.

  • Tom Hann

    Looks nice. Will number of zones be increased from 16 in the near future?

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