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Radioddity GD-88 New Firmware Release 2024-05-23

"Long time no hear"

That's what probably some of you thought while looking at their Radioddity GD-88. Unfortunately, it took way longer than expected for the firmware staff to finally get the most annoying bug (lowest analog FM audio level on RX) fixed. Click Here to download it. But besides that, a whole bunch of other improvements have also been implemented, such as:
•active ROAMing no longer freezes the radio
•If no RX-Group is assigned to a channel, only traffic for the assigned TalkGroup will now still be heard
•Promiscuous-Icon again displayed on active promiscuous-mode
•No time lag when scan-mode is active
•It is now possible to set a channel for ‘RX Only=ON’
•For Simplex DMR operation using DualChannelDirectMode, DCDM may now be selected on the radio as well as within the CPS (CPS: TX TS and RX TS set to ‘ON’)
•Improved timing for volume control and radio menu
•Values within ‘Channel Edit’ are now displayed correctly
•DMR reporting channel now also available within Channel Edit menu
•Setting of ‘RX Only’ now also available within Channel Edit menu
•Option naming within Talker Alias RX Setting streamlined

As always:

Never update your radio unless it is really required or with other words.
Don't fix it, if it isn't broken!
If you do have a personal need to get one or more of the above things fixed on your Radioddity GD-88, feel free to download the update archive from our support area.

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