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Radioddity Live Chat Robot

Radioddity Live Chat Robot

After a few months of release, the live chat feature of the Radioddity website solved a large number of cases for our customers. This practical and convenient feature is more and more useful as well as convenient for you.

Since it is now a stable feature, we welcome you to chat with us in real time when encountering any problems, including products, orders, shipping, returns, refunds, website optimization and even new product recommendations. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by clicking the Live Chat Robot icon below!


Live Chat Time(week day):
Beijing, China Time: 9:00~18:00
Pacific Standard Time (PST): 17:00~2:00
Central European Time (CET): 2:00~11:00
Greenwich Mean Time (GMT): 1:00~10:00

Note: Due to time zone difference, we are sorry if the live chat feature can not be at your most convenience.


Q: What if I contact Radioddity with live chat robot beyond the time zone mentioned above?

A: Please also click the email contact icon at the bottom right of the website page to leave your question or send your question directly to Your inquiries and concerns will be addressed within 24 hours.






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