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How I Met Radioddity | 6th Anniversary

How I Met Radioddity

On August 1st, we held a activity of Call for Stories, with topic of How I Met Radioddity. It is our honor that we hear from you with so many stories. Different email content while with the same delight and satisfaction really inspire us a lot as well as encourage us to keep what we've been doing for 6 years.

The following are the selected stories to share with you all. At the same time we arrange a free Radioddity GA-5S for the stories provider individually. Congratulations!


Radioddity takes superior quality customer service as the most important value.


We are glad that you guys have a better experience with Radioddity and we'll always keep it.


Radioddity really apprecaite for all the efforts and sharing you all made to help everybody.

If you also have any idea, welcome to send to, it would be great to share your programming tips, news, radio comparison, detailed radio review, your adventures with radios, your story with Radioddity, or any other thoughts that may help people learn more about ham and radios. It doesn't have to be a long long article. It just need to be real.

We'll send you a free new walkie talkie model if your article or story are adopted.

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