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Radioddity Extended Manual for Xiegu X6100 | 2024 February

Dear Xiegu X6100 customers,

We are very pleased to inform you that our engineers have created an extended manual for the Xiegu X6100. With a total of over 130 pages, this manual is significantly more detailed than the existing one.

The extended manual is divided into 20 chapters. You will find for example separate chapters on "Operating controls and connections", "Basic operation", "Multifunction menus", "Updating the Xiegu X6100 firmware", "Use of wfview", "Available accessories and their usage", "Digital modes and CAT-control" and of course a chapter on "Common issues and their solution". If there is anything missing from your point of view, please feel free to let us know.

All information is based on the current Xiegu X6100 firmware (20230831) and the extended manual is free of charge to all Radioddity customers.

You can find the manual in our Xiegu X6100 Support area under the "Manual" section. You may need to scroll down in order to get there.

Download it now.


Your feedback on the manual is welcome via

A German language version of the same document is also available now!

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  • Didier Fettick

    Hello All!
    Thank you for issueing this extended manual! When getting my own X6100 few days ago a well documented manual was really missing. I can now explore this astonishing rig!
    Best regards and 73 to all

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