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Recent Reviews

Dale reviewed Baofeng UV-5X / UV-5G
"The radios arrived in a very short time span from my order date. Jackie in Customer Service was very prompt in answering a question I had about a hi gain antenna question. Made sure my question was answered and wanted to know if I had any other questions. Even though I have a Mac computer I am able to program the UV-5X with Chirp. I plan on buying more products in the future."

Dick reviewed Radioddity GD-77
"Far better than I expected. This is my third DMR radio and 2nd HT. I have not found it necessary to switch to OpenDG77. I really like the slim case and clear/loud audio. As a result, this unit is now my favorite. It’s low price and stable performance makes it a clear winner. CPS and current firmware showed no glitches."

Keith reviewed Xiegu G90
"I've had this rig for almost 2 years now and I love it. I don't use it as often as I like to, but I'm going to start doing pota activations and G90 will be my go to rig."

Gregory Sutherland reviewed Baofeng GT-5R
"It's a GREAT radio for the price. I bought it to replace my 30 year old Yaesu HT. I had no problems hearing on 147.30 (my local repeater) as reported by another user previously. Programming with Chirp was easy And I took advantage of the software's many capabilities including redefining the radio's squelch settings."

Mark Bell reviewed Xiegu G90
"Have been using the G90, CE19 interface and XPA125B for a few months now and I am very happy with my purchases. Absolutely perfect radio for FT8/4, JS8call, and other digital modes. Great for CW and Phone as well. Feature rich at a perfect price point. Can't ask for much more for a less than $500 rig. The amp is great when you need a little extra power! Firmware updates are easy to apply."

WeasleyOC reviewed Baofeng UV-5X / UV-5G
"Initially had some issues with the firmware update, but customer service sent me an update. Programming software has some issues too, but did a work around using a XML editor and modified the data myself. Fo the price I can't complain. I updated the antenna to Smiley on one and NA-771G on the other. I will try them out to see which one works better and change the other nit over."

Robert Townsend reviewed Radioddity DB25-D
"I like this little radio quite a bit. If it were not for a few little niggly items I would give it 5 stars. As it is I would say my rating is 4.5. I have been able to get full functionality with the latest CPS (v.3.2) and the few little items I would change are likely to be addressed in the next firmware release. I can easily hit a repeater 36 miles away with a mobile mag-mount antenna. The instruction addendum is the key to getting this little jewel up and running."

Mike Nicastro reviewed Radioddity GA-510
"UPDATED REVIEW 9/1/2021: This is a good radio for new Hams at a great price. I got it as a spare and to use when traveling. The radio is straight forward to program with Chirp, and a few extra settings when you use the Radioddity CPS. A couple little issues with the quality, but for the price it is a good deal. This issues I had was, I received a used repackaged one missing an antenna which I sent back to Amazon. The replacement radio had a broken tab charger, plus the programming cable didn't work. I tried two of them. Fortunately the Baofeng cable works fine with it. The Radioddity support is excellent. Spoke with Nora and she sent me a replacement programming cable quickly. Also, the stock antenna isn't the greatest of gain. You will definitely need to replace it with a higher gain antenna. I use the Nagoya NA-701 that works much better. Other than that, sound quality is good, and a good backup HT, plus Radioddity support is great. Mike K7FLA"

Jim reviewed Radioddity GM-30
"We dropped one of our GM-30 GMRS radios in the stream and it fully submerged. Blew and shook the water out/off and removed the battery. Moisture in the display. Let it dry out for about a week and works like new."

Jeff reviewed Baofeng RD-5R
"Great little digital radio, programming takes some learning, otherwise great reception and transmit audio. Also exceptional customer service and fast shipping."

Phil M. reviewed Radioddity GS-5B
"Great little radio with lots of nice features. The PC programming software has an import csv feature that will import all the information from the csv file into the onscreen grid and appears to work okay, until you try to save or write to the radio, and then it just uses the grid data from before the import for the save/download. Very disappointing that the software has not been updated to fix this issue. That aside, I still gave it 5 stars."

Wendell Brown reviewed Radioddity DB20-G
"Follow UP... I posted a review about a week ago mentioning a couple of issues I found with the software. I'm happy to report that Radioddity contacted me a couple of days ago with an updated version of the software that seems to resolve my issue. Just wanted to applaud them on the quick turn around and a great radio. I would have to say, this is a great radio for the price"