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GA-5S Tri-Power 7W 4W 1W Amateurfunk

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✔ Dual Band, Dual Display, Dual Frequenz, Dual Stand by, Frequenzbereich: 136-174 / 400-520 MHz; 128 Kanäle 50 CTCSS und 104 CDCSS; Reichtweite bis zu 5.5 km.

✔ Echte 7W Ausgangsleistung: Sowohl VHF als auch UHF unterstützen gleichzeitig 7W Leistung, was der doppelten Ausgangsleistung des normalen Walkie-Talkies entspricht.

✔Dreifarbige Anzeige wählbar: blau, violett und organge Anzeige auswählbar. Sie können unterschiedliche Farben zu unterschiedlichen Situation einstellen.

✔ Hohe Kompatibilität: Kompatibel mit Chirp, Software und Zubehören von UV-5R Serie inklusive Programmierkabel,Headset, Mikro .usw. Das GA-5S kann mit den anderen dualband Walkie Talkies problemlos zusammen verwenden.Programmiersoftware Herunderladen:

✔ Bequemes und humanistisches Design: GA-5S verfügt über größere und hellere Tastatur. Mit vernünftige Tasten, robust und elegant, liegen gut in der Hand, sind rutschfest

Radioddity GA-5S Test and Review
Radioddity GA-5S Test and Review ©CGG August 2018   A well-presented, small and powerful pocketable dual-band radio with many useful settings. Badged Radioddity, it appears to be from the same stable as the Baofeng series of radios. The radio arrived in a well packed double layer box, with radio, antenna and battery on the top tray layer; charger and base plus the User Manual, ear piece/mic lead and wrist-strap below. The charger is a CE approved 10v unit with a UK plug, and the charger base a 3 pole variant of the Baofeng CH-5 base for the battery to drop into. Without a battery inserted the LED flashes red/green, then red whilst charging and green when the battery is fully charged. 5 hours for first charge, then 4 hours for routine re-charging. 1800mAh gives a useful battery life between charges, and is a good balance of size, weight and capacity. Accessories for the Baofeng UV-5R appear to be compatible with this radio. Data cables, Speaker/Mic’s etc., but not the battery, different, but still 1800mAh capacity. The User Manual supplied is of variable usefulness. It appears to be for a UV-5 series radio, with images of that radio being shown and much of the information applying also to the UV-5. However, it explains the basics for new users of the Baofeng / Radioddity series of radios. Note that the VFO/Memory button on this radio is a plain round button plus a white circle, not a named button as described in the manual. The Band button shown in the manual does not exist at all. The A/B Channel button is very clearly labelled. The tri-power settings make for better communications in rural forest or city locations with the extra lift given at high power. Low power for local use helps to save battery life. The User Manual tells me these powers are 8w/4w/1w which is slightly misleading. The advertising listings tell me it is 7W/5W/1W; the printed information on the box tells me it is 7W/4W/1W. The multi-colour LED changes colour between standby, transmit and receive. These colours can be changed. Useful, perhaps, in poor light.   The radio is similar in size to the UV-5 series of radios, very pocketable and easy to carry. Build quality is good and solid, clear keypad and display. All quick settings and menu settings are easily changed on the well laid out familiar keypad ,  with bigger buttons on this radio, that make operation easier The menu system will be familiar to any users of other Baofeng range of radios - like the GT-5 and UV-5R. The menu buttons and up/down buttons are used to scroll through the many settings, or use the keypad printed shortcut keys for the most popular settings or to lock the keypad.   The Call button accesses the broadcast FM radio, (or long-press for the alarm function), scanning through this band quickly locks to good local signals. Audio is good, and reverts to the monitored band when a signal that opens the squelch is received. Sensitivity to weaker signals was also fine. I found it rather easy to press the Call button while intending to press the PTT, as these buttons are part of the same moulding, rather than fully separate. With gloves in colder weather, this may happen more often. I found that using the third finger, instead of the index finger for PTT helps to reduce the times this happens.   The Moni button opens the squelch, or long-press activates the flash-light. Audio is clear and sharp from the large speaker grille, and transmit audio reports are also good. The tri-colour screen backlight is interesting, but not especially useful in daylight. Several tests of output power were made with a fully charged battery into a 50ohm < 1:1.1 VHF, and 1:1.2 UHF SWR meter and dummy load. Results are as follows, with readings taken mid-band:- VHF High at 5.5W, VHF Med at 4.5W, VHF Low at 1.5W UHF High at 6W, UHF Med at 4.5W, UHF Low at 1.9W A fair result, although the high power on VHF was a degree less than specified. The UHF high power is closer to specification.  Due to these readings, I cross checked with another meter. Remembering that overall antenna gain, efficiency and a low SWR make a lot of difference to the final radiated power. In field use, performance was very satisfactory. No excessive deviation on narrow band was detected. RF noise rejection and adjacent channel rejection are very good. No spurious emissions of concern were noted The standard antenna is fine for most general local use, but highly recommended is the Diamond SRJ77CA antenna or at least the Nagoya NA-771 at a lower price. These high gain antennae do make a useful difference in the field – as against measurement test-bench results. They do make the most of the radio’s abilities in fluctuating mobile situations.  Naturally,   the larger base-station antenna or mobile car antennae all return better results as expected. The 127 active memories are very easy to program with Chirp, (free download, donation if useful) and the settings are straightforward to adjust and re-send to radio if an error is made in initial setup. The usual Prolific v3.2 driver and cable are required. More detail on this interface is on Miklor’s excellent radio website Cables are available both on eBay and Amazon. Look for UV-5R compatibility on the data cable. Chirp… When selecting the radio name to download for programming, set the radio choice in Chirp, August 2018 release, as a Radioddity GA-5S. Many choices are available, in both the work and basic settings of the radio in Chirp. Callsign or other startup display info can be set as well as voice, (on or off), and beep settings. Repeater standard splits and odd splits are easily set up. These are much more difficult if programming the radio by the keypad. Note that squelch range settings can also be set in Chirp. A very useful facility for very noisy or very quiet locations… All as standard for most of the current Baofeng dual band range. Reversing channels for listening to repeater inputs is achieved by pressing Scan briefly and again to return to normal. Long-press on the Scan button to start scanning, press again to stop. It is usually recommended that Menu Settings of 35, 36, 37 and 39 should be set to OFF for repeater operation in the UK and also to prevent a lot of excessive tones being generated on both send and receive.. This applies to this radio also, and is easy to set. As usual TDR is the dual watch setup, and this is also a feature that is easy to turn on and off as required.   Overall, this is a good all round hand held transceiver that is a real pleasure to use. Intended for both Amateur Radio and professional users at a good price, it feels well- built and solid. The radio performs very well in all the tested environments, and operation quickly becomes easy and familiar. This radio is very good value; albeit at a moderately higher price than some Baofeng dual-power models. Pros: Compact and pocketable Easy to use Many useful features Good value Good power for easy communications in ‘real-world’ use. Very good battery charge life Baofeng accessories compatibility (excluding battery and charger base) Easy to program by computer Clear buttons and menu system   Cons: High Power measured a little low on test bench. (Not a problem in practice, though) Easy to press Call instead of PTT. (This gets better with familiarity)
Radioddity GA-5S Review
Radioddity GA-5S Review KI7VCC November 2018   In the interest of full disclosure, I was given a set of these radios from Radioddity in return for reviewing them - I gave one of the radios to KI7UCR and he will provide a separate review of his experiences; I may never get another free radio from them… I have used the GA-5S for a couple of weeks and had a chance to use it in several different settings including simplex calls and repeater use… right up front, this is an impressive radio, the sound quality is excellent and the extra power really gives it some legs; but, is not without its shortcomings. So looking at the button and screen layout… it is obvious that the GA-5S is yet another iteration of the radio that will not die: The Baofeng UV-5R. My fist guess was that the GA-5S is a repackaged 8-watt model, so I opened it up to see what radio module lay inside, and I was pleasantly surprised to find the same main radio module as BTech uses in the BF-F8HP… the GA-5S also uses the ubiquitous HN5RV01 firmware. The Radio Module in the GA-5S is the same as the BF-F8HP Oh, while I had the case open, I drilled out the microphone hole a little… as it comes, the GA-5S’ microphone port hole is very small, and experience with this same issue on other Gen 5R radios tells us that opening the hole just a little, can really help with clear and strong transmissions. Of course the GA-5S is completely CHIRPable, there is a listing in CHIRP for the GA-5S but I am sure that it is just an alias to the BF-F8HP… but what the heck, I picked Radioddity GA-5S and dumped some channels into the new radio - a few minutes later I was up and running. All testing was done with the stock GA-5S antenna. Performance was very good. Knowing that the radio is the same as the BF-F8HP, I had some high expectations… yet I was consistently surprised by the ability of this little radio. I could easily carry on conversations through the E.A.A.R.S (2 meter) repeater on Mt. Lemmon, which is about 20 miles from (and 7000 feet above) where I live. The EAARS Repeater on Mt. Lemmon - a wide open 20 mile shot. As for simplex calls… the GA-5S had no problem hitting other HTs at a few miles, and was even able to reach a friend’s base station that is about nine miles away, and across a lot of city congestion - there were a couple of times that the GA-5S was talking to radios that I could not hit with my DMR-6X2! The GA-5S did great in town - even hit a small base antenna 9 miles across town. I am not going to belabor talking about how well the GA-5S talks; it lives up to every expectation of the BF-F8HP hiding inside of it… audio quality is great on both RX and TX and everyone that I spoke with had nothing but positive comments about the call quality. Left to Right: UV-5R EX, GA-5S, UV-82HP, DMR-6X2 But… the GA-5S is not without its dark side… I have two problems with the GA-5S, both of which have to do with the style and location of the side buttons. I have seen other people mention that the GA-5S’ side buttons are “cumbersome”, “difficult”, or “poorly thought out”. Maybe I am overly in tune with the ergonomics of hand held radios… but for me, the side buttons on the GA-5S are a deal breaker. Let’s start with the PTT/CALL button… yes, I listed those as one button… check out the picture below to appreciate that the CALL Button and the PTT Button are one in the same, configured on a rocker type switch that lets you easily press one, when trying to press the other - not so sure what the intent was here, these two buttons have no reason to be joined this close together, I imagine this is just form over function. The GA-5S' weird side-buttons (shown over the 5R EX) But that’s not my real beef with the GA-5S… the thorn in my side-button is the MONItor button… Ugh, look at it… it is huge! And it is proud of the case at least an 1/8 of an inch; it is super easy to hit this button by accident, just carrying the radio around in a case or in your pocket will most likely cycle through every function of this button every 94 seconds. I don’t think there was a single time that I took the GA-5S out of a holder, pouch or pocket… and the flashlight was not on… battery be damned. Hard to see but look at how far the MONI button sticks out! But then I had an idea… the GA-5S is just another 5R radio and the Version 20 radio module will fit in the case of that new UV-5R EX radio that I just bought - a few minutes later, it was alive! The GA-5S Radio Module in the UV-5R EX housing. I swapped the radio modules… or main board… or guts of the 5S with the EX and Wow! I like that little EX with that 8W module in it - this radio has entered very high in my list of favorites. Okay… so that’s where I am with the GA-5S, I guess maybe the “super bright” number pad backlight can be a little too bright… at least at o’dark-hundred going from total lights-out, to Vegas Strip keypad; but for the most part, the enhanced keypad is nice. The side buttons however, are the show-stopper for me. Bottom Line: The GA-5S is a great radio, you are getting a BF-F8HP for half the price, but you also will have to live with those pesky side buttons and incompatibility with UV-5R batteries (and of course, there is no extended battery for the GA-5S), but it is your call… I will add one final thought: Radioddity, if you are listening, please make me a radio using the EX case with blacked out buttons, the radio module from the GA-5S, and please develop a 3800mAh extended battery for it - I will gladly buy at least three or four of them. 73, KI7VCC



Über das GA-5S Dual Band Funkgerät

Egal ob auf der Baustelle, auf einer Campingtour oder einem Ausflug ins Grüne, ein Walkietalkie erfüllt in jeder Situation Ihre Bedürfnisse. Und Qualität ist keine Glückssache, Sie werden von den Möglichkeiten des Radioddity GA-5S beeindruckt sein. "Triple Power" verdreifacht die Sendeleistung und beschert Ihnen im Handumdrehen einen grösseren Aktionsradius aufgrund grösserer Reichweite.




50 CTCSS und 104 CDCSS


Die Funktion CTCSS und CDCSS erlaubt das gezielte Auswählen bestimmter Funkgeräte innerhalb eines ausgewählten Kanals. Es kann vermeiden, den gleichen Kanal auf dem irrelevanten Anruf zu hören.


Dual Band


Es gibt zwei getrennten UHF/VHF Frequenzbereichen. Unter Dualband Funkgeräte versteht man Modelle, die 2 Frequenzbänder arbeiten können.

PC Programmierfotware



Man kann das Funkgerät mit Software oder Chirp am PC programmieren. Über Software und Chirp können Sie auf herunterladen. Überigens, das Programmierkabel von UV-5R Serie ist kompatibel mit dem GA-5S.


Ausgangsleistung bis zu 7W


Hoch-/Mittel-/Niedrigsleistung (7W/5W/1W) ist auswählbar. Sowohl VHF als auch UHF unterstützen gleichzeitig 7W Leistung, was der doppelten Ausgangsleistung des normalen Walkie-Talkies entspricht.











Technische Daten und Lieferumfang

  • Kanal: 128
  • Frequenzbereich: 136-174 / 400-520
  • Antenne: Zweiband-Antenne mit hohem Gewinn
  • Ausgangsleistung: 7W/5W/1W (Max 7W)
  • Modulationsmodus: 16k F3E / 11k F3E
  • Maximale Abweichung: 5 kHz (Weit) / <2,5 kHz (Schmal)
  • CTCSS / DCS-Abweichung: 0,5 +/- 0,1 kHz / 0,3 +/- 0,1 kHz D
  • imension: 11.5*5.5*3cm



  • Time-out Timer (TOT)
  • Breit- / Schmalband wählbar
  • Tastatursperre
  • Monitor-Kanal
  • LED Flashlight
  • Busy Channel Lockout
  • VOX Funktion
  • A/B-band unabhängiger Betrieb
  • Notfallalarm
  • Niedrige Batterie Alarm



1 x GA-5S Funkgerät
1 x 1800mAh wiederaufladbare Akku
1 x Ladeschale mit 100-240V Power Adapter
1 x Antenne
1 x Gürtelclip
1 x Headset
1 x Bedienungsanleitung
1 x Handschlaufe


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